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Shy, the Galactic Base Baller 10/31/2020 9:09 PM
Nozomi’s eyes were shut, and she took a deep breath as she shook out her hands. She had every right to be nervous. It wasn’t often she took the stage without the others, in fact, she couldn’t remember the last time she did. She could hear the hum of the crowd just outside, amplifying her nerves to what felt like an overwhelming level. Her breaths quickened before they slowed, growing deeper in an attempt to calm herself. She had to find her center, slip into that comfortable skin that was Nozomin. Slowly, steadily, her breaths evened, and she felt that confident smile etch itself into her face. She’d worked hard for this. She deserved this. It was everything she wanted, everything she’d been striving for her whole life. She wasn’t about to let this slip away. With another breath, she centered herself and took the stage. Those familiar blinding lights, that familiar deafening cheer, that was what greeted her. Elegantly, she returned their generosity, waving, bowing, blowing kisses out to all of her fans as she strutted gracefully to the front of the stage. She gave another grandiose bow before beginning her introductions. “Welcome, my loyal subjects.” A pause while the crowd erupted once more. Once they quieted down, she continued. “Tonight marks a night for all the horrors of the world. A time where the ghosts, demons, monsters, and spirits come out to revel once again in the land of the living. It’s a time to celebrate the beauty, and the terror of life, and there’s no better way to celebrate than through dance. So I humbly invite all of you to join me, and dance until you’re dead!” The crowd launched into their cheers once again, and Nozomi took a step back as the floor where she once stood rose up into a sound deck. She assumed her position, raised her hand high, pointing to the sky, and commenced the show, throwing lights around the space along with the music.
Shy, the Galactic Base Baller 12/1/2020 3:46 PM
As the final song came to a close, Nozomi felt a wave of relief wash over her, though that wasn’t the end of the night by a long shot. The applause was enough to cover her apprehension however, and she took a breath to steady herself. She stepped back, and her deck retracted back into the floor. She glanced out over the crowd once more before speaking. “Thank you, really. I hope you have all enjoyed our special night together.” She paused, allowing for the cheers she knew would be thrown upon her. “However, our celebration isn’t quite finished. No, there’s still more reason to revel tonight. I am here to proudly announce that I will be releasing my very first solo album!” The crowd grew uproarious. It was relieving in a way to know that this was something people were excited for. “And as a very special thank you to everyone who has gathered here today, and to all those watching at home, I would like you all to be the first to hear this song.” The crowd was going ballistic at this point. She stepped back some more, inhaling deeply as her head tilted upward. She heard the sound of all of her backup dancers filing in behind her, and the music started up. Like a switch, she was lost to the music. Her body moved without thinking, keeping perfect time with the pulsing beat. Her mind was barely registering the frequency with which she was being lifted, carried, and thrown about by the others, all of it rehearsed to the point of being second nature. Props and bits of stage being moved around as she marched over and through them. Her voice occupied the entirety of the massive space, belting out the powerful notes. Then the throne slid out to the forefront of the stage.
3:46 PM
That meant it was time for the grand finale. She backed into the seat, striking her dramatic pose and allowing the ostentatious crown to be placed on her head. Now came the note, the one she had to nail. She stood, turning quickly, stepping up one leg onto the throne’s arm, then the other to the top of it’s back, standing triumphantly facing the audience and extending her arm high, right along the building of the line: “And I’m going straight to the TOOOOOOOOOOO-” But the line never finished. Her head lit up with pressure, a great ringing from her earpiece ruptured her focus. She winced, curling up slightly and clutching at the sides of her skull. Murmurs of confusion undulated through the crowd, and her dancers all wore looks of concern. Then, unceremoniously, the idol went limp, and dropped down from her perch. The television broadcast abruptly ends
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