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waffle | himbo collector 4/27/2023 4:02 AM
hey! you're yuuki mishima right?? admin of the phan-site?? you don't know me, and this might be a little bit outta the blue, but long story short, i need your help. well, actually, i need the phantom thieves' help, but i need your help gettin their help! could you help me get in contact with them? if you need me to do anything before that to like, prove i'm trustworthy or something, then just lemme know! i'm sure it's a lil freaky to just get contacted like this, but i promise i ain't out to blackmail you or stuff like that!
bunny bun bun bunison III 4/27/2023 5:52 PM
This is kinda fishy… And how do you know all this stuff about me anyways? You better not be trying to mess with me! I’ll admit I’m impressed with your skills, but I can’t just go and hook you up with the phantom thieves if you don’t give me any details! What do you need them for anyways?
waffle | himbo collector 4/27/2023 6:25 PM
i'm not trying to mess with ya, promise! i just did a little digging to find out what i needed to in order to contact ya, but nothing outside of that! i dunno if i can say much about my situation that's gonna make sense to you, but basically, some really REALLY bad shit is gonna go down, and me and my friends are gonna need backup. far as i know, the phantom thieves are the only people close enough that i can try and track down to ask for it. ...wait, that's still too vague, isn't it? alright, look, the phantom thieves aren't the only people who can do what they do. me and my friends have the same abilities, but we need their help if we're gonna get anywhere.
bunny bun bun bunison III 4/27/2023 7:00 PM
Oh, you… Dug up my personal information. Okay, great. Anyways… You guys can change hearts and stuff too? Then how come I’ve never heard about you? Must not be as important as the phantom thieves… Look, I can let them know about you, but in the end, I’m leaving it up to the phantom thieves if they want to talk or not. Who are you guys targeting anyways?
waffle | himbo collector 4/27/2023 7:22 PM
the changing hearts part wasn't exactly what i was referring to, but yeah, i guess theoretically we could. but we tend to be a little more lowkey with things, we're not out to make a name for ourselves or whatever. as for who we're targeting, you wouldn't know their name, but they're dangerous as all hell. a lot of this is stuff that wouldn't make any sense to you, but i know it would to them. so if you could just pass all this on, that'd be great. i'd be happy to tell both you and them all the details later on.
bunny bun bun bunison III 4/27/2023 7:44 PM
I don’t exactly know what all goes into the stuff they do, but I guess that’s probably pretty cool that you guys can do the same thing? But if it’s all a bunch of stuff that I wouldn’t get… I guess I’ll just pass the message along. …Though I should warn you! You’re not the only one who knows how to find information about people online! If I find out you did anything to mess with the phantom thieves, I won’t hesitate to give them all your info!
waffle | himbo collector 4/27/2023 7:50 PM
hey, it's okay, man. we're on the same side here. finding your info was a one-time thing, and it's not gonna end up in anybody else's hands, alright? hell, if you want, i can get you some even stronger protection on that shit!
bunny bun bun bunison III 4/27/2023 8:05 PM
I don’t need any help with my internet protection, thank you very much! Especially not from someone I don’t fully trust yet…
waffle | himbo collector 4/27/2023 8:11 PM
alright, alright, sheesh... look, if you got any more questions about me, i can try and answer whatever i can!
bunny bun bun bunison III 4/27/2023 8:14 PM
Sure… I’ll keep that in mind. I’m messaging the others right now, by the way.
waffle | himbo collector 4/27/2023 8:24 PM
really? thanks! i really appreciate it!
waffle | himbo collector 4/27/2023 10:47 PM
...oh, i just realized... i should probably just go ahead and tell you my name, huh? as a show of trust and all that. i'm sho minazuki. good to meetcha!
bunny bun bun bunison III 4/27/2023 10:52 PM
For the record, I totally didn’t forget to ask… I was gonna just… Figure it out myself! But thanks for saving me some time. I’d introduce myself now, but you already know my name.
waffle | himbo collector 4/28/2023 12:37 AM
hey! so, i think they just reached out to me, and i just wanna say... thanks, mishima. and i'm sorry. i probably went a little further than i needed to in contacting you, but at the time, i figured i had to be absolutely damn sure you'd be able to get me in contact with them and wouldn't be able to just blow me off. guess i was a little afraid of that. but you really came through for me! thanks again. you're a real good guy! :D
bunny bun bun bunison III 4/28/2023 12:51 AM
Yeah, you’re welcome… But next time you can just cut out the middleman and contact them directly. I know my normal person brain isn’t capable of handling this information and all.
waffle | himbo collector 4/28/2023 12:53 AM
huh?? ...oh. sakamoto told you what i said, huh? hey, i didn't mean it that way, that wasn't a dig at you or anythin, i just didn't wanna drag you into shit.
12:55 AM
and it was either finding them through you, or digging into police records. needless to say, you were the safer surefire option.
bunny bun bun bunison III 4/28/2023 1:14 AM
How is that not a dig at me? I don’t need some random searching up my info just to remind me I’ll never measure up to the phantom thieves! …Anyways, you got what you needed, right? I still don’t trust you, so I have nothing more to say…
waffle | himbo collector 4/28/2023 1:19 AM
what?? that wasn't what i was trying to do at all! hell, i just thanked you for helping me! i'm not good at this whole asking for help thing, and i'm sorry for how i came off, but i didn't mean nothin by any of that, honest!
bunny bun bun bunison III 4/28/2023 1:21 AM
You’re welcome, I guess.
waffle | himbo collector 4/28/2023 1:35 AM
okay, clearly we got off on the wrong foot. but i'm not your enemy here. i didn't go through any of your personal shit except for your name and contact info. nothin else, and i don't plan on sharing anything i found. i got nothin against you whatsoever, alright? just... wanna make that clear. anyway, thanks again for all the help. i'll see you around.
bunny bun bun bunison III 4/28/2023 1:52 AM
The phan-site does have a messaging system that would’ve made it a lot easier to contact me without you needing to go through anything… Just,, y’know. For the record. But it’s whatever. See you.
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