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Phea: full-time twink bullier 3/22/2022 9:25 PM
The trip to Yongen-Jaya from where Yu landed hadn't taken long, much to his personal relief. Having to remind himself of Tokyo's more than chaotic subway system hadn't exactly been the cleanest trip, but he made it to the right train, scrolling through texts in an odd chatroom that he had been added to. Many of these people he had never heard of, save for a few that he probably hadn't spoken to in some time. He hadn't expected to see someone like Nozomi-san caught up in all of this, and felt an immediate rush to worry for her safety, but held himself back, reminding himself that she had to be more than capable on her own if she ended up in a place like that. Yosuke... It was strange. They hadn't really spoken much since Yu had gotten so caught up in his work, living on a completely different schedule to his high school friend and old roommate, but he had been told over and over again by Yosuke that he was fine. He should have seen right through that... Yosuke was his best friend. He shouldn't have been so blind to his friend's struggles, and now he was kidnapped? Who knew what would happen to him now? Was he hurting? Could he be killed? Why was the team Mitsuru-san put together waiting around? At any moment, Yosuke could-- ...He had to stay calm. Letting those thoughts get to him would only make him unfocused, weaker. There was no way he could help save his friend if he was so busy worrying over the worst case scenario. They just had to get together, make sense of everything, and make sure to go in prepared to whatever situation they would be thrust into. There was no information as to who he was looking for, save for that they would be in Yongen-Jaya. So, after Yu got off the train, he briskly stepped through a cramped alley, eventually finding himself near a little café. Somewhere like this didn't seem like it'd be the place for such an establishment, certainly standing out a bit in the worn down residential district.
9:25 PM
Seeing it as a decent place to stay by while he waited for the person Mitsuru-san had informed him of, he lingered towards the small room of washer and dryers. Hoping not to look too out of place to anyone passing by as he scrolled through his phone, continuing to scan through whatever messages he could to continue to catch up past Mitsuru-san's brief summary of the situation.
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